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Codejet Overview

Video overview

Got 2 minutes? Check out a video overview of our product:

Video transcript:

0:00 Hi there, my name is Patrick and I'm the founder of Codejet and I just want to take a minute of your time to show you how you can accelerate your front-end development work using Codejet.
0:08 Let's begin with the Figma community and let's look for a Codejet components library, then open it and as you will see there are a few pages.
0:17 The most important for us are foundations and examples for now. Let's begin with the first one and let's look what's here.
0:25 There are a few components such as input, checkbox, radio and so on, which you can then implement in your design.
0:31 If you will, those elements will stay interactive in the converted code. So you just only need to copy it, paste, style as you want and then, implement into your design.
0:43 The second page is examples. So we'll use this one to try Codejet for now. Important thing is that you need to copy a link to a proper screen because we don't convert whole designs.
0:57 Let's do it, and let's paste into dashboard in Codejet. As you click it you will see converted code which you can then look through and generate a zip file.
1:09 Here it is. You only need to unzip it and move the frame folder to a source project in your code.
1:19 Okay. And now your only job is to click npm start and let's try how it looks. Okay. Cool. That's it.
1:34 Thank you for your time and see you soon. Bye.