Figma to Code Conversion

This page provides a guide on how to convert your Figma designs into code using Codejet. Be aware, that before this step you need to have finished adapting your Figma design:

pageAdapting Figma & Using Component Library

Step 1: Pick Your Frame in Figma

Codejet allows for now you to export only specific frames from your Figma design! Not whole Figma design! If you wish to convert a complete app, you'll need to export each screen separately and then manually merge them yourself.

Find the frame in Figma you want to convert. Right-click on it, pick "Copy/Paste as", then click "Copy link".

Next, paste the link from Step 1 to Codejet and select your preferred export type:

After the export process completes, you will be redirected to a page displaying the generated code. You have the flexibility to view the code, copy it partially or entirely, depending on your preference.

If you see that something doesn't make sense in the exported code, try changing the design in Figma and convert one more time - make sure there is autolayout everywhere. If it won't work, contact with Codejet team:

pageHow do I get in touch with Codejet?

Once you're satisfied with the generated code, download it!

For guidance on how to handle and implement this exported code, visit our Handling Exported Code page in the docs.

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