Please note, projects created before 01.07.24 will not have tokens.

Release DateBasic Changes
27.07.20241. Custom Scripts
2. Badge (free users)
3. Colour tokens
01.07.20241. Loader implemented - when opening a project from dashboard
2. Dateleted trash icon, settings name changed to edit
3. Cog icon in visual editor - transfering to project settings
4. Onboarding survey fix
09.07.20241. Sub domain modal - removed cancel button and text change from “Edit” to “Close”
2. Value change to preferred available subdomain
3. Global font family
4. Project not showing on dashboard after tab change
5. Banner and unpublish modal colour change
6. Publishing projects on custom domains
7. Video component from basic elements in Visual Editor
15.07.20241. Local font family in visual editor
2. Text limit characters in project settings (project title an page description)
16.07.20241. Left sidebar in visual editor

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